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Upgrade your knowledge and skills in a particular technology in one day. Small groups, a full day of hands-on practices, learning from world-recognized experts.

Java.Next: Keeping Up With Java

Still on Java 8 and wondering when, why or how to move beyond that? Fear no more, this workshop will give you everything you need to confidently move to Java 11 and beyond!

Building Reactive Applications

We will have an introduction to reactive programming, then dive into code examples and learn how to create reactive applications. We will learn to implement observables, to deal with errors in a graceful manner, learn both synchronous and asynchronous solutions, hot vs. cold observables, and dealing with backpressures.

Programming ASP.NET Core

This workshop is structured to upgrade your web programming skills to the latest version of ASP.NET Core. The main takeaway is learning how to do the same web-related things you know how to do in your favorite environment in ASP.NET Core. 

Low Code Application Development with Oracle APEX

In this workshop, you will learn: What Low Code is, The benefits of a Low Code framework, What APEX is, When would you use APEX (and when wouldn’t you), The fundamental architecture of APEX (with demonstrations)

Busy .NET Developer’s Guide to Multiparadigmatic Design

 C# has five dominant paradigms: procedural, object-oriented, meta-programmatic, functional and now dynamic. (Visual Basic doesn’t fare much better on this score.). In this workshop, we will explore all five design approaches, and see how each works, hands-on, to solve problems.

Microservices with Spring and Spring Boot

We will write our own spring framework in order to understand both spring concepts and spring internals. During the training we will drill down deep to spring core, we will see how you can write bean post processors and bean factory post processors, how to configure different spring profiles, how to write custom scopes. 

Service mesh patterns

We will start with the basics of Kubernetes and explanation of service meshes and explain how to do zero downtime deployments, A/B tests, how to intelligently route traffic and handle failures. All this without writing any code or affecting your services running in production.

Introduction to Machine Learning

In this workshop, you will be introduced to Machine Learning using a variety of tools. You will also learn about the various libraries used in Python for machine learning, as well as the fundamental principles of some common machine learning algorithms.

May 29, Workshop Day

Full day workshops from 9:30 to 17:30.
Lunch, coffee and beverages will be provided.

The workshops will take place in 2 hotels:
1. Tallink Hotel Riga conference rooms, Elizabetes street 24, Rīga
– Building Reactive Applications;
– Programming ASP.NET Core;
– Busy .NET Developer’s Guide to Multiparadigmatic Design;
– Microservices with Spring and Spring Boot;
Service mesh patterns

2. Pullman Riga, conference rooms, Jēkaba street 24
– Introduction to Machine Learning;
– Low Code Application Development with Oracle
– APEX; Java.Next: Keeping Up With Java

For each workshop, you need to take a laptop. Additional instructions if needed will be sent to you after the registration.