Vidar Eidissen

Vidar Eidissen

Oracle database developer


Vidar Eidissen is a database developer and technical lead in the Norwegian database consultancy Eritec. He participates in projects both as a developer and lead, showing team members techniques for more maintainable and efficient use of the Oracle database.

He’s been working with Oracle Databases since 1998, focusing on ETL, application development, application performance tuning, troubleshooting, and more.

He has spent 23 years at DIPS ASA, Norway’s leading vendor of e-health solutions for hospitals. There he delivered solutions to three of four health regions with a total of more than 80,000 users on a near daily basis, the largest installations supporting 8,000-9,000 concurrent sessions and close to 50 TB.

He advocates a holistic approach to application performance, focusing not only on the database, but on the behavior of the system from the end-user down. As a consequence he likes the #SmartDB paradigm.

He holds several top certifications within SQL and PL/SQL and has a small blog at

His expertise includes: Performant application development, Performance testing, ETL, SQL and application tuning.


Effective PL/SQL Code Insight With PL/Scope – or yet another reason to put code in the database

Presentation by Vidar Eidissen
In this presentation I’ll show how we used Oracles free PL/Scope to analyse 1.000.000 lines code base to make informed and well working design decisions. We also introduced a new logging framework and started changing code, deploying changes live several times a day. Some things we rewrote from scratch. Other places we replaced SQL-statements with calls to our low level APIs, as well as re-instrumenting code and fixing old bugs that suddenly were a lot more easy to identify.