Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

Creator, Sonic_Pi


Sam Aaron is a live coder, educator and researcher. He was the lead developer of Overtone and Quil – Clojure-based projects for the expression of sound and image. More recently whilst working at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory he created Sonic Pi – a Ruby-based live programming environment for creating music from code with a strong focus on education. By day he codes concurrent systems and by night he can be found performing with them live in nightclubs.


Sonic Pi Livecoding

Keynote by Sam Aaron | Room: Isense
Sonic Pi an environment for live coding music that targets both education and professional musicians. In this demo-heavy talk we’ll cover its history - why it was created, how it evolved and what it can do today. We’ll also take a quick technical nose dive into some of the more interesting linguistic innovations that were necessary to perform live with code.