Piet de Visser

Piet de Visser

Database Consultant


Piet is an experienced Database Consultant and DBA specializing in Oracle databases,
High-Availability and troubleshooting. He is in IT since 1987, works with Oracle databases since 1994. Independent since 2013, he now looks for short-term or part-time consulting assignments.

Piet combines technical knowledge with experience in global organizations. His energetic personality, curiosity and language-skills make him ideal for pioneering projects or troubleshooting IT problems in a multi-national environment. Piet also invests a lot of effort in maintaining a network of Like-Minded Oracle specialists worldwide and is a regular speaker at international user group events and symposia. Oh, and Piet has a preference for Simple solutions.


We are Serverless – Software and databases still functioning

Presentation by Piet de Visser | Room: 10
Going Serverless to a cloud-provider gave use some interesting experiences. The result was Positive, but with interesting lessons about the tools (java, pl/sql, python, docker and lambdas), the data, the (oracle-) database, and the people and processes needed to control the new situation.