Mohamed Taman

Mohamed Taman

Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador


Sr. Enterprise Architect @Comtrade Belgrade, Serbia, a Java Champions, Oracle Groundbreakers ambassador, Adopts Java SE 9, 10, and what is next, Java EE 7, 8 & JavaFX, JCP member, Was JCP Executive Committee member, JSR 354, 363 & 373 Expert Group member, EGJUG leader, Oracle Egypt Architects Club board member, speaks Java, love IoT / Mobile/ Web / Big Data / Cloud / Blockchain / DevOps, international speaker, Books Author of “JavaFX essentials”, “Getting started with clean code, Java SE 9”, and “Hands-On Java 10 Programming with JShell”, Won Duke’s choice 2015, 2014 awards, and JCP outstanding adopt-a-jar participant 2013 awards, IoT Geek.


Effective Java SE 12 APIs/Lang features, makes your life easier

Presentation by Mohamed Taman | Room: 3
A tour of the new features in Java SE 12, powered by code, the platform designed to support faster learning, and more productive Java development.