Martin Bach

Martin Bach

Oracle DBA


Martin is a full-stack consultant working for @Enkitec in Europe, focusing on Engineered Systems among other high availability technologies in the Oracle ecosystem. For him it does not really matter if the systems he works on are on premises or in the cloud as long as there is a reliable access method. The Linux operating environment and open-source software has always been a fascinating research topic, one where Martin spends quite some time with. 

In addition to his day job Martin has become a successful technical author, he contributed to 3 books published by Apress. Martin is a member of the Oracle Certified Master community, and he is also a proud member of the Oak Table network and an Oracle Ace Director. Martin is a regular speaker at international conferences sharing knowledge with the community.


Container Orchestration for Oracle DBAs

Presentation by Martin Bach | Room: 10
This talk is a brief introduction to kubernetes (k8s) for Oracle DBAs interested in learning more about micro-services and cloud native deployments. It features an overview of the tools and components followed by a live demo. During the demo an application is deployed to k8s using an Oracle backend.