Janis Mozgis

Janis Mozgis



I started playing around programming when I was about 14. Started with Pascal and then moved on to PHP, but that was just playing around and seeing what I can do. In high-school decided to go totally different route in my career and become a doctor. But somehow the programming and problem solving was nagging me all the time so eventually I decided to try again – refreshed my PHP, learned some HTML, CSS and JS and took some freelance gigs as part time job while studying. One thing lead to another and I started working full time as a web developer beside studying. Finished University and continue working as a developer – my job is my hobby.  Currently I’m senior developer at Printful, also I teach web development at Riga Coding school.

Work palces:

Edurio (Latvia) – Senior developer

54blue (Canada, remote working) – web developer, Project manager