Daria Lashkevich

Daria Lashkevich


Daria has Master’s degree in Computer science (Automatization and Control) with honors, Moscow State Technical University by Bauman

After graduation Daria started working as a Software tester in Software company focused on Billing in Moscow, Russia. After 2 years working became Test manager – head of automation and performance testing.  Next 5 years she worked as a Test Manager leading different teams (3 – 70 people) in Nvision Group and Sberbank-Technology (Moscow, Russia). 

In 2017 she moved to Riga, Latvia working in Accenture as QA Team Lead. 

From August 2017 Daria is a AI Engineer of Accenture Liquid Studio Core Innovation team. Current time she is focusing on AI and Computer Vision fields and takes part in such projects like:

Nao and other robots learning projects related to Image Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Behavior Control

Water color recognition with computer vision

Smart trekking of life traffic in the city by cameras

Healthcare adviser.