Riga has plenty to offer to all kind of people. Museums, parks, restaurants, bars, the Old Town, – you name it!
These are Cultural and Party Programs: what to see, what to do, and where to grab some tasty food in Riga.


Riga’s Old Town (Vecriga), or “The Old Woman”, as the local people affectionately call it, is a top attraction, but nevertheless a must-see. Successive architectural styles, shops with designer things, bars, cafes and coffee houses – you can stay for a long time.

Rīgas Birža (Doma laukums, 6). The pleasant art museum in the Old Town. The connection between east and west, the dialogue between classic and modern is one of the most advanced museums in the country.

Listen to a concert of organ music in the Dome Cathedral (Doma laukums, 1). Tickets for evening concerts from € 10. At the same time look at the majestic Powder Tower, built in the XIII century.

Find the Swedish Gate (Torņa iela, 11). The legend of which says that the merchant who lived in this house in the 17th century did not want to pay tax on the importation of goods into the city and therefore cut a gate in the house, which today has remained in its original form. Cleverly!

Assess the scale of the local Presidential Palace, aka Riga Castle, founded in 1330. The presidential residence at the time of restoration of the castle moved, but even during the days of the president’s work, the guard of the castle is no different from the guard of any government building. Next to the president, in the castle are the museums of the History of Latvia, Literature, theater and music, as well as Foreign art.

If you step out of the Riga Castle on the Daugava Embankment, you will see a triangular-shaped building on the other side of the river of ambiguous design. This is the Latvian National Library (Mūkusalas iela, 3). Locals consider it one of the ugliest buildings in Riga.

The original design and rich history highlight the Central Riga market. If you come to Riga by bus, this is the first attraction that you will see when disembarking on the platform. Five huge hangars rise above the canal directly opposite the bus station. At the beginning of the 20th century, the city authorities acquired hangars for airships, remaining in the territory of Latvia as a “legacy” from the Germans after the First World War.

Another hallmark of Riga is the architecture in art nouveau. Art nouveau, he is Art Nouveau, he is modern and he is Tiffany, gained popularity in the late XIX – early XX centuries. The style was distinguished by the rejection of old traditions in architecture and the intention to bring something new and beautiful into it. Each building does not look like a neighboring one, each facade has its own “face”. Pay particular attention to Alberta Street (Alberta iela), most of the houses on which was designed by the famous Michael Eisenstein.

If you have a pair of decent trousers or a dress in your baggage, be sure to visit the Latvian National Opera (Aspazijas bulvārī, 3). Both the building and the repertoire deserve your attention. Issue price – from € 7 to € 40.

Convent yard (Konventa sēta, Kalēju iela, 9). Several houses and streets that were once the castle of the Order of the Sword, monastery, and even a night shelter. But if you walk a couple of minutes through the streets, you will see a spiral staircase, go upstairs and enter the well, where you can retire and meditate.


Kultūras centrs “Kaņepes” (Skolas iela, 15). The main cultural center of the city is located in a building that has already celebrated its centenary. Drink a glass of wine and talk about culture, go to an exhibition of experimental art or just dance in the evening – it’s all here.

Lido Vērmanītis @ Elizabetes iela 65

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You can’t find anything more Latvian than “Lido”. With a huge selection of local dishes, salads, sauces, desserts and loads of potatoes, you can mix and match as you like, pile up your tray and head to the checkout before enjoying a hearty Latvian lunch. You’ll be able to spot a few of these restaurants in Riga, but Vērmanītis is the closest one from the venue.

Andalūzijas suns @ Elizabetes iela 83

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This place can match your taste at anytime with their wide range of foods on their menu. From hearty burgers to light salads, they have it all. If the weather’s warm enough, you might be able to enjoy it on the terrace by a water fountain.

Wok To Walk @ Aspazijas Bulvāris 30

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If you’re in a hurry, Wok To Walk has got you covered. Also, if you like seeing your dish made right in front of your eyes, this is a place to go to. Choose your own ingredients and enjoy!

Streetburger @ Blaumaņa iela 10

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Fancying a just-made, fresh burger? StreetBurger is one of the best burger restaurants in Riga, and it is located just a 10-minute walk away from the venue. If you are a burger fan, this is a MUST to check out.

Ezītis miglā @ Aldaru Street 12/14

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Ezītis Miglā or “Hedgehog in a Fog” is a special place for the locals. You can find these hedgehogs hiding in a few parts of the city, but every single of them has a unique vibe to it. With democratic prices, but high quality experience you won’t walk away from this place dissatisfied.

Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs @ Peldu Street 19

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This place can be described as the most authentic Latvian tavern with a modern twist. A place where you can experience culture, music, delicious food and enjoy conversations in good company. Ala Pagrabs offers live music at least 5 times a week.

Labietis alus darītava @ Aristīda Briāna Street 9a-2

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“Labietis brewpub is where it all began – a pub and a brewery in 170m2, where you can have a beer, whilst watching the hum and bustle of the brewery through a big glass wall. Twelve different beers on tap, as well as extra ones – bottle conditioned – from the brews that are waiting in line for the tap or have been sold out in kegs. All the available beers have not been moved more than 30m from grain to glass. This is the heart and soul of Labietis where you can always try new and exciting experimental brews and enjoy the lively atmosphere of a latvian pub.”

Miezis un Co @ 13. janvāra street 21

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Craving a glass of beer in the heart of the Old Town? Then Miezis & Co. is a place to visit. Try out beers from Europe, as well as from the Baltics.

Alķīmiķis @ Lāčplēša Street 12

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There’s definitely some chemistry going on at the Alchemist. This place won’t disappoint you with its menu – snacks, soups, burgers, salads, main courses, and desserts –  and home brewed beer.

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