We are Serverless – Software and databases still functioning

30.05.2019, 12:00-13:00

Going Serverless to a cloud-provider gave use some interesting experiences. The result was Positive, but with interesting lessons about the tools (java, pl/sql, python, docker and lambdas), the data, the (oracle-) database, and the people and processes needed to control the new situation.

This customer was fed up with the ticketing-service-SLA from the “hosting provider”. They decided to follow the agile-gurus and migrate a set of 15 year old “legacy” systems and databases from the hosted datacenter to “the cloud”, and to go “serveless” in the process.

It definitely gave back control to the (IT department of) the customer, but “cloud” and “serverless” did not come without some challenges. The software-technology in use is Java, Node.JS, some Python, and a good dose of PL/SQL. The deployment in the new situation is either via Containers or Lambdas, and the databases are all DBaaS (actually AWS-RDS, and still mostly Oracle). The overall experience has been very Positive and has given us a few lessons about our legacy-systems, software-tools and the data, in the process.

There are some interesting plans for the near future as well hence the content of this presentation may grow or adjust over time.