State of the Art Edge Router: Simplicity and Automation

30.05.2019, 16:30-17:30

We’d like to share how an edge router can simplify & automate so developers don’t waste time configuring or renewing SSL certs. And, also share how to remove the need to update routing configurations by interfacing to backends such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Consul providing dynamic configuration.

In the era of containers and other dynamic platforms, management of entry points is becoming a great challenge, with the large amounts of application deployments requiring entry points to update often. And the patterns for routing, blue / green or canary, are challenging to scale. You want secured HTTPS requests on your applications, while ensuring certificates are up to date on these ephemeral URLs, thus requiring a lot of plumbing.

Learn how to overcome this complexity, and successfully build reliable entry points, focusing your energy on what matters to you.

Our session will define what a modern edge router, reverse proxy and load-balancer are, from Traefik’s point of view. We will then present concepts and advanced features which overcome the platform entry point challenges. And finally, we’ll dig deeper and show how we can scale these solutions and make them fault tolerant. We look forward to the Q & A section and chatting those who have questions around dynamic configuration, Ingress Controllers and with those who wish to learn how Traefik helps developers build the best infrastructure with ease.