All you need to know in order to write Microservice with Spring and Spring Boot

29.05.2019, 09:30-17:30
Workshop, English

Tallink Hotel Riga, conference rooms, Elizabetes street 24

In this training we will write our own spring framework in order to understand both spring concepts and spring internals. During the training we will drill down deep to spring core, we will see how you can write bean post processors and bean factory post processors, how to configure different spring profiles, how to write custom scopes. We will talk about different spring problems and solutions. We will compare strategies of different context types (xml, annotations, java config and groovy config). What are their advantages, and when to use what? 

We will reveal Spring Boot magic by discovering Spring Boot concepts, conventions and the way it works. And no matter that after this training you will understand that there is no magic you will enjoy Spring Boot even more, because you will be able to solve Spring Boot problems or conflicts without calling 911.In the end of the training you will write your own application which will integrate several Microservices.

The cost of the full day workshop – €299