Next Generation Microservices

30.05.2019, 17:30-18:30
Keynote, English

You adopted microservices architecture to fundamentally change your time-to-market, your code-to-production time from months to days, perhaps even hours. The next generation of microservices architectural style has been enabled by the rise of Kubernetes, now the defacto standard cloud native application infrastructure. The next generation of microservices will leverage sidecars, a service mesh and on-demand serverless services.

In this session, our mission is to get you hands-on quickly with Knative on top of Kubernetes/OpenShift where we focus on the following:

– Exploring Serverless application architecture: event-driven apps running in ephemeral containers

– Installation of Knative into a Kubernetes cluster

– Knative Build – your source code to a runnable container/pod

– Knative Serving – pay only for what you use with auto-scale-to-zero

– Knative Eventing – input sources based on Cloud Events

– Tips & Tricks – exploring clever and cool ways to use Knative on Kubernetes