Microservices: Get Rid of Your DBA and Send the DB into Burnout

31.05.2019, 11:00-12:00

An introduction about databases vs. application. A demo with CPU metrics, on how the co-location of code and data matters. Examples on Oracle with SQL, PL/SQL, Javascript on the client or in the server (Multi-Lingual engine). An history from monolithic, client-server, and micro-services.

The database is always a problem: it is a single point of failure for applications; it makes any continuous integration/delivery impossible; the DBA is a drag on your agile developments; and any interaction with the database is done with unmaintainable, complex, old-style SQL queries. Those are the reasons why modern architects want to get all code out of the database and even the data moved out to caches, local to CQRS microservices. But there are drawbacks with this approach, and doing it incorrectly may show the worst once implemented. This session focuses on the basic antipatterns and shows, with facts and measurements, what can be wrong in the implementation. This knowledge may help you design your applications with scalability in mind.