Low Code Application Development with Oracle APEX – Deep Dive

29.05.2019, 09:30-17:30
Workshop, English


Low Code Application Development with Oracle APEX;

Low Code Application Development frameworks can be used for a large domain of applications. And Oracle APEX is one of the most popular low code frameworks available today.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What Low Code is
  • The benefits of a Low Code framework
  • What APEX is
  • When would you use APEX (and when wouldn’t you)
  • The fundamental architecture of APEX (with demonstrations)

And, using an extensive hands on lab, you will:

  • Design and develop a data model using embedded rapid data modeling tools in APEX
  • Create an application
  • Extend an application
  • Customize the user interface of your application
  • Debug an APEX app
  • Deploy an APEX app
  • Monitor the performance of your APEX app

If you know even a little bit about databases and SQL, you will find this workshop invaluable. Everyone will leave with knowledge and firsthand experience about Oracle APEX and how to continue, after the workshop.

The cost of the full day workshop – €299!