It depends: .NET Core dependency injection

30.05.2019, 11:00-12:00

The dependency injection system of .NET Core is very elaborate and allows for complex inversion of control scenarios. You will see the ins and outs of doing that, but also learn how to avoid mistakes that might be easy to miss.

.NET Core comes with its own dependency injection system, that you probably know from ASP.NET Core. In this session we will have a detailed look at all of the specifics of Microsoft’s default DI system for .NET Core applications. You will learn how to properly use the Inversion of Control features, such as registering services, scopes, lifetimes, and how to resolve instances. Armed with this DI knowledge, we will revisit ASP.NET Core and investigate bootstrapping and typical scenarios for middleware, background processes and resolving objects from MVC and Razor. At the end there will be a deep dive into topics with service descriptors, implementation factories, do’s and don’ts and pitfalls to avoid memory leaks in your implementation.