How Well Do Relational Database Engines Support JSON?

30.05.2019, 15:30-16:30

Simply put, the aim of this talk is to make people aware of the good JSON support that RDBMS provide.

Once upon a time, decent JSON support was provided by NoSQL database engines only. But, since the database engines providing that support missed other critical features, it was difficult to choose a single database engine that provided all the expected features. Times have changed. In fact, today, a number of relational databases provide JSON support. But how good it is? The aim of this presentation is to review JSON-related features provided by the most commonly used open source and commercial database engines. Particular attention is given to the SQL/JSON features introduced in SQL:2016. Challenges and possibilities related to the use of the JSON-related features as well as adherence with the SQL:2016 standard is discussed.