Container Orchestration for Oracle DBAs

30.05.2019, 14:00-15:00

This talk is a brief introduction to kubernetes (k8s) for Oracle DBAs interested in learning more about micro-services and cloud native deployments. It features an overview of the tools and components followed by a live demo. During the demo an application is deployed to k8s using an Oracle backend.

If you have followed announcements of all major cloud vendors lately, you undoubtedly came across a product everyone seems to offer a solution for: Kubernetes or k8s for short. If you haven’t, this talk is equally as interesting for you if you are interested what’s happening in the space of container orchestration.

While it appears to be a cool and interesting technology, after a first glance at the marketing paper, knowledge about the components making up k8s dissipates quickly when you aren’t involved more closely. This talk aims at Oracle DBAs interested in microservices and cloud native deployments. It will finish with a demo consisting of deploying a containerised application to kubernetes using Oracle as the backend.