Communication in a microservice architecture

31.05.2019, 15:30-16:30

Everyone wants to avoid the big, bad, ugly monoliths and work with “Microservices” – these awesome, world-changing, independent “micro” puzzle pieces. You can distribute the load, you can scale better, you control everything and then you fail. And then you want the monolith back. And fail again.

Microservices should be autonomous and independent, but what happens when your business domain doesn’t allow it, and you need to get data from other microservices? You’ll soon realize that simple HTTP calls are not enough anymore, or that your app is more brittle than ever and then you switch to messaging. With messaging you need to have a different mindset and be willing to embrace new challenges.

In this session we’ll explore different ways of getting data from one ‘micro-service’ to another and while doing that we’ll talk about the benefits or the drawbacks of choosing an approach or another.