Busy .NET Developer’s Guide to Multiparadigmatic Design

29.05.2019, 09:30-17:30
Workshop, English

Location: Tallink Hotel Riga, conference rooms, Elizabetes street 24

C++ was widely denigrated as a “hopelessly complex” language with “way too many moving parts”, and in truth, it was a language made up of three dominant paradigms: procedural, object-oriented, and meta-programmatic. C#, by contrast, has five dominant paradigms: procedural, object-oriented, meta-programmatic, functional and now dynamic. (Visual Basic doesn’t fare much better on this score.) If we’re to use these new multi-paradigm languages successfully, we’d better have a good idea of what the paradigms are, what a language paradigm is, and what the different paradigms are in the languages we know and love. In this workshop, we will explore all five design approaches, and see how each works, hands-on, to solve problems.

The cost of the full day workshop –€299!