Being a developer: What the heck am I doing?

31.05.2019, 13:15-13:30
Quick talk

I did well. And, the more I did, the better I did. But as I fell asleep while walking to my students’ graduation because I hadn’t had sleep for ~50 hours, I finally admitted that it’s too much. This talk is about the pursuit of improvement, managing, avoiding burnouts still keeping motivation.

When you have lost your faith in your end users because they only notice bugs but no system improvements. When you have to redo your work because management changed their decision. Or your client doesn’t send in the required information and blames you for missing the deadline. When your deploy causes a system crash. When you have too much to do and cannot make it in time. And even when everything is okay for two months straight. How to keep yourself motivated (and to not lose sanity)?